Weapons Racking

The MSL Modular Weapons Rack is designed to offer a totally flexible system for storage of the complete spectrum of firearms currently in use by the Police, Special Units or Military.

The wall panel is supplied 1000mm high and either 1200mm or 600mm wide. The units can be mixed/matched so the stock trays, Taser/SLP shelves, ammo and magazines can be placed at different levels, across the panels.

The profile of the weapons rack is such that a wide variety of barrels etc., can be accommodated (either 12 or 6). The stock tray can be customised to hold up to 2 x magazines per firearm. The Pistol/Taser tray will hold either 24 (1200mm wide) or 12 (600mm wide) Tasers/SLP . Each of the tray sizes can be fitted with a combination of ammo/magazine dividers.

For internal security we can supply a multi-strand plastic coated cable which passes through the trigger guards (secured by appropriate padlock) and in the case of Taser/SLP also through the dividers. Alternatively see our Locking Bar Weapons Racking.

Security fixings are used for anchoring the wall panels to  brick or high density concrete block work. For applications where there is no suitable wall, the Weapons Racking can be supplied with its own stand. The stands also allow wall panels to go back to back to create an island. For applications where space is limited, roller racking can be installed to allow  extra wall panels on a single wall.


Wall Panel is bent and welded in 2mm CR4 m/s, powder coat black ripple finish.

All fittings are fabricated using 2mm CR4 m/s with 1.2mm dividers in a green ripple powder coat paint finish. A dense foam liner is fitted where metal contact is to be avoided.

All fittings can be modified for Maritime use. Other colours are available as an option.

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