Weapons Racking

This new MSL product is designed to offer a totally flexible system for storage of the complete spectrum of firearms currently used by Police/Special Units or Military.

The wall plate is supplied 1000mm high and either 1200mm or 600mm wide. The units can be mixed/matched so the actual stock trays, Taser/SLP shelves/ammo and magazines can be placed at different levels, and across the panels.

The profile of the weapons rack is such that a wide variety of barrels etc., can be accommodated (either 12 or 6). The stock tray can be customised to hold up to 2 x magazines per firearm. The same tray size with appropriate dividers will hold 24 x Tasers/SLP (1200mm wide) or 12 (600mm wide). Each of the tray sizes can be fitted with a combination of ammo/magazine dividers.

All fittings can be modified for Maritime use.

Customised locking systems are available using Kaba Quattro cam locks.