Taser Cartridge Destruction Unit

The Taser Cartridge Destruction Unit is a product for use when a Taser Cartridge has become damaged, faulty or out of date and requires disposal in a safe manner. The unit has two negatives inside to hold the cartridges and a lid with two drilling bushes. With the supplied drill piece, the user can safely drill through the cartridges initiator and nitrogen canister. By destroying these components, it is no longer ammunition for a section 5 firearm, but merely general waste that can be scrapped without specialist disposal.

The unit comes with its own custom drill bit with a bush on, to prevent it doing damage to the worktop. It also comes supplied with appropriate protective gloves and eye protection.

The unit comes in two variations: To suit the Taser X26 and to suit the Taser X2, both utilising the same drill bit.

Typical dimensions are 75H x 200L x 240W and weighs 3kg.

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