The Shotsafe ™ is a bullet trap , designed and manufactured  in the UK to suit a variety of ammunition.

The Shotsafe ™  comes in two variants: the Shotsafe ™  FB6 and the Shotsafe ™ Maxi.  Each variant has been rated to withstand a variety of  types of ammunition, with each type having its own score. This score is added up to inform the user when the Shotsafe ™  should be replaced.

The FB6 is rated to withstand 9mm, 5.56 x 45 RUAG SS109 and up to 7.62 NATO rounds. The Maxi however, can withstand all of these with the addition of the  .338 Lap Mag Swiss P Ball FMJ, .50 CAL Ball and the .50 CAL BMG AP. All testing has  been completed in the UK and is fully certified.

The Registered design Shotsafe ™  has been designed with quality and functionality in mind. The Triangle hole ensures the firearm always points down the length of the Shotsafe ™. Each unit comes with its own certificate stating that the body has been ultrasonically scanned and passed inspection and ballistic certificate.

The Shotsafe™ can be mounted in an MSL fabricated download bay, which are themselves designed to contain up to 7.62 NATO round, should the discharge miss the trap. The unit can also be mounted on the underside of a workbench .  A third option is to wall mount (solid brick/concrete block).  We do strongly recommend the unit to have ricochet protection however.

The unit can have a carry handle attached so that it can be carried and inserted into a bag. The unit weighs only 14kg, important for ease of handling and minimise weight in vehicles. When carried, it is recommended that the unit be placed against a wall or solid object before a clearing operation.

Typical dimensions are 300H x 320L x 220W.

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