The Modular Panel Armoury offers everything that our Container Armoury can offer but is unique in its ability to be supplied in flat pack form. For sites that are tight for space or want to have an armoury inside an existing building, the Modular Panel Armoury is a highly flexible option.

The Armoury consists of wall panels that are securely bolted together from the inside, allowing it to be assembled in rooms, leaving as little as 50mm from the wall, maximising usable space. The panels can be lifted through windows to allow an armoury to be created above ground floor.

The Modular Panel Armoury adds flexibility for the future due to the fact it can be disassembled and moved at a later date, leaving no impact on its original location. The Modular Panel Armoury is a temporary structure so no planning permission is required.

The Modular Panel Armoury can be fitted out in the same way as our Container Armouries with the same level of security and quality. The armoury wall constriction has been independently tested to  SR4 extra.

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