Locking Bar Weapons Racking

The MSL Locking Bar Weapons Racking is for applications where internal security or an additional layer of security is required.  The carbine is held in position with a closed loop rail at the top and a high collar stock tray. The Carbine in then secured in position using two stainless steel bars around the pistol grip and a CEN 4 Padlock.  This provides a cost effective additional layer of security inside armouries.

This anti tamper secure racking is designed to accommodate a selection of Carbine platforms and has a large degree of adjustability, meaning a change in platform or stock, may not mean a change a change in weapons racking. The carbines can be stored in rows of 6 or 12. The racking is designed to work on the standard MSL Wall Panel.

For Military applications, we have also developed a tailor made unit to accommodate the SA80. The key benefits of this is that only 1 padlock is required per rack, sights and foregrips do not need to be removed before storage and the vertical racking allows for a much more space effective way of storage in high volume.


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