Firearms Safety

The Bosik PBT-1 Portable Bullet Trap has been designed to offer a certificated/cost effective solution for weapon clearing in both fixed armoury and portable situations. Designed to contain 9mm, .44 mag, 5.56 and up to 7.62 NATO rounds.

Fixed Position

The PBT-1 can be mounted in an MSL fabricated download bay (single/double units) which are themselves designed to contain up to 7.62 NATO round, should the discharge miss the trap. The unit can also be stand mounted for armoury/range use (4 floor fixings included) with access point to cylinder at 760mm high.

Portable Use

The unit in discreet carry bag weighs less than 9Kg – important for ease of handling and also weight in vehicles. The pictures below show the ease with which the unit is deployed. It is recommended that the unit be placed against a wall or solid object before clearing operation.

Official certification by the Canadian Police Research Centre (copy overleaf) detailing specific rounds, weights, velocities of rounds tested. It has been noted separately that an “in-house” Bosik test proved that 18 rounds of 7.62 NATO were totally contained. We can also offer another unit for up to 7.62 AP rounds.