Download Bay

The MSL Download Bay ensures the safety of the user and everyone in the immediate vicinity when a firearm is being cleared. In the event of an unintended discharge that is not aimed down the length of a bullet trap, the round will be captured and contained within the body.

The MSL Download Bay comes in three variants: Tacbonded, FB6 and FB6+.

The Tacbonded is rated to withstand law enforcement 9mm and law enforcement 5.56/1225 rounds. The FB6 is rated to withstand 9mm, 5.56 and up to 7.62 NATO rounds. The FB6+ however, can with stand all of those with the addition of the  .338 Lap Mag FMJ. All testing has  been completed independently in the UK and certified.

The unit consists of four main parts and is bolted together on site. This allows it to be unbolted and, moved and reassembled at a future date if required. It can be a stand alone unit or they can be stacked and attached side by side for a larger armoury. This is shown above with the addition of our optional taser  boards. An optional joining strip to connect the Download Bays together can also be provided.

The Download Bay has been designed to suit our Shotsafe™, however it is not limited to this and can easily be adapted to suit other bullet traps.

Typical dimensions are 1500H x 600L x 1050W and weighs up to 400kg.

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