Continuity Cabinet

The Continuity Cabinet is designed to be a mini armoury that can allow up to six officers to store all of their firearms and to make them ready with the Bullet Trap and Taser board.

The Cabinet lends itself well to forces that have a large land area to cover. By having a few of these cabinets over several locations, in the event of an emergency, a reaction team can go to the nearest cabinet instead of the closest armoury. This can greatly cut down the reaction time.

Equally, a cabinet may be situated in the same building as an armoury. In the event that the armoury becomes compromised, the cabinet acts as a second line of defence.

The dimensions are: 1900H x 750W x 500D, it has 8 anchor points and an approximate weight of 370Kg.

The Cabinet can store up to:
  • · 6 Carbines and 2 Baton Launchers;
  • 6 Pistols;
  • 6 Tasers;
  • 30 Carbine Magazines;
  • 24 pistol Magazines;
  • A Shotsafe FB6 Bullet Trap in a 4 sided Download Bay;
  • Secure coffers to store ammunition or valuables.

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