Container Armoury

Municipal Security has developed a range of high specification options, covering physical, electronic and environmental protection to these ISO containers.

The standard access is a single door centrally positioned in the end of the unit, but other door positions are available as an option (eg side door). We also offer the option of the container doors to be left on if a more discreet armoury is required.

Customisation is the keyword – internal fittings are manufactured to meet every operational/security requirements. We work closely with estate departments and the end users to gain a well informed understanding of what each client requires and tailor makes each container. A full set of engineering drawings and 3D CAD models are provided before manufacture to ensure the best outcome.

All containers can be designed to be mobile or static, with all internal fittings being secured to the container. Each armoury as standard meets ACPO standards and has been independently tested to  contain Tacbonded 9mm x 19mm and Tacbonded 5.56 x 45mm rounds. In addition to this, they come well insulated and can be fitted with aircon and a dehumidifier to ensure the optimum conditions.

Typical Dimensions:

-10 ft Container: 10 ft L x 8ft W x 8 ft 6 H. 3m L x 2.43m W x 2.59m H.

-20 ft Container: 20ft L x 8ft W x 8 ft 6 H. 6.06m L x 2.43m W x 2.59m H.

Weights can vary between 5 and 11 tons depending upon fit out and size.

As standard, we always recommend to have a secure mesh wall and access door in the rear of the armoury. A benefit of this is an addition layer of security to separate firearms or valuables from the rest of the container. This can equally be fitted with access control in the same way as the armoury door.

The MSL Registered Design modular racking can accommodate all forms of firearms, and is totally flexible/future proof.  Certificated Security  Cabinets can be installed. Alternatively, the internal secure area can be a munitions store with fire rated access door/wall which includes security mesh again, air conditioned.

The Armoury can be manufactured to utilise the Registered Designed MSL Modular racking to provide a  diverse and compact weapons storage solution either for the whole container or separated off with a mesh wall and secure door. The 20 ‘ Container can be manufactured with roller racking to provide enough weapons racking for up to 180 Officers. All firearms can be secured within each individual storage rack.  The racks are riveted to the wall panels to prevent surreptitious  removal.  The firearms can further be secured to the panel using our new Locking Bar Weapons Racking, see page 15.

Additional features available, include:

  • Anti– lifting blockers;
  • Secure Cabinets;
  • Customised workbenches;
  • Download Bays/clearing booths;
  • Serving Hatches;
  • ISO Doors left on (to remain more covert);
  • CCTV/Alarms.

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