Armoury Doors

The MSL Armoury Doors are designed as a high security door that is used on all of our container Armouries, Modular Panel Armouries or it can be retrofitted into an existing block work wall.  


The MSL Armoury door is designed to adhere to ACPO  to ensure that the content, users and the general public remain safe.  It has also been independently Ballistically tested to contain tacbonded 9mm x 19mm and Tacbonded 5.56 x 45mm rounds.

The steel/composite door is secured by an approved Mico-Tindall 3-point locking system, which meets Fire Exit requirements. A variety of other locking systems are also available – high security protected Euro Cylinder, Kaba SP digital lock, or to complement existing control equipment.


The Mico-Tindall bolt work can be controlled via a variety of access control measures and compatible with Chronicle. This can be 12V or 24V solenoid. A Manual key override is always provide in the event of power failure. The boltwork is controlled via a manual release on the inside to ensure that users can always exit the door.

The standard door frame size is 2150 x 1050 x 100 but this can be customised based on users requirements.

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